Elevating Voices in Sudan

In episode 8 of our interview series, “African Voices,” Abdelgabar Abdalla Abdelwahab speaks with Alex de Waal on the importance of art, culture and language for peace building in Sudan.

“Sudanese artists have always been in the front line of seeking for democracy, social justice and peace in the country.”

Abdelgabar Abdalla Abdelwahab is a Sudanese writer, researcher and translator with a special focus on the inextricable linkages between language, culture, basic freedoms, freedom of thought and expression, human rights, social justice, and peacebuilding. He has published widely on Sudanese language and culture and the challenges of translation, as well as translating important texts into Arabic.

Photo: Sudanese Crafts, by Magdi Abdalla-Alrubi

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