Three of my favorite WPF collaborations

Opening my collection is a collaboration with a colleague who became a close friend, Dyan Mazurana. Together with Kinsey Spears, we authored “Sex, Gender Age, and Mass Starvation,” chapter 13 in Accountability for Starvation: Testing the Limits of the Law (Conley, Bridget, Alex de Waal, Wayne Jordash, and Catriona Murdoch (eds); Oxford University Press, 2022).

Next is Indefensible: Seven Myths that Sustain the Global Arms Trade (edited by Paul Holden, Zed Books, 2016), which emerged from a collaborative project with an accomplished group of experts and allowed us to team up with Shadow World Investigations.

Third, is “On the Closure of the Walpole Prison,” a blog essay I authored (September 8, 2023) that was inspired by my work with formerly incarcerated people in Massachusetts and for which Stephen Milanowski generously granted us permission to include his photography.

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