Paul Holden

Paul is the Director of Investigations at Shadow World Investigations, a role he previously performed for four years at Corruption Watch UK. Originally from Johannesburg, Paul has over a decade of experience in investigating cases of grand corruption and corporate malfeasance, including as the senior researcher on both the book and film of Shadow World. Paul has published these findings widely, including in five books (including two best-sellers and two books on South Africa’s 1999 arms deal), the most recent of which, Indefensible, tackles the myths that sustain the global arms trade. Paul has written widely in the media, including articles in the GuardianIndependent and Daily Maverick. Along with Andrew and their colleague Hennie Van Vuuren, Paul was named an anti-corruption champion and whistle-blower of the year in 2015 in relation to the South African arms deal. Paul is a Network Fellow at the Safra Centre for Ethics at Harvard University.

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