Sudan and South Sudan Mediation Archive

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Sudan and South Sudan have, over many years, been the locus for some of the most ambitious and complex peacemaking efforts. Much has been written on mediation, peacekeeping, protection of civilians, on the Darfur conflict and massacres and on the birth of South Sudan. This is a longstanding project based upon a compilation of primary materials on peace processes in Sudan and South Sudan, going back to the 1980s but with a particular focus on the Darfur conflict and peace processes and the work of the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel (AUHIP) from 2009-2013. An archive of these materials is available, with collections donated by Alex de Waal, Dave Mozersky, and Neha Erasmus. You can access a list of key agreements created through the mediation processes and acronyms used in the documents. Sudan Peace Archive researchers included: Elspeth Macdonald, Margaret Tiernan, Jasmine Bhatia, Massaab al-Aloosy, and Devika de Puy Kamp. With special thanks to Erin Faulder, Anne Sauer and Eliot Wilczek. Additional research support provided by Lauren Kitz and Ljiljana Setka.

Alex de Waal and Willow Berridge are completing a book, Negotiating the Sudans, that details the work of the African Union Panel on Darfur and its successor the African Union High-Level Implementation Panel for publication in 2025. We work closely with former South African President Thabo Mbeki and members of the AUHIP staff including Abdul Mohammed. 

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