President Donald Trump is a Threat to World Peace

Red and white stripes of a tattered US flag at night
US flag at night (Kevin Dooley via Flickr, 2008).

Statement by the World Peace Foundation

In its 106 years of existence, the World Peace Foundation has committed to understanding and promoting peaceful relations among and within nations, as well as analyzing the causes of war. Today, based on our expertise and given the statements and actions of the current President of the United States, we are obliged to take a step without precedent, which is to name U.S. President Donald Trump as a major threat to global peace.

Our concern stems from the cumulative impact of President Trump’s statements and executive orders, including:

  • His contempt for human rights, including explicit embrace of torture, bigotry, misogyny and Islamophobia;
  • His expressed commitment to militarism while disregarding the norms, processes, and institutions that have sustained the resolution of international disputes without resort to armed force;
  • His reckless disregard for the impact of his statements and decisions, as demonstrated through his insistence on forging ahead with policy measures absent any attempt at consultative process; and
  • His readiness to retaliate against those who criticize him, thereby chilling dissent and rejecting democratic practice.

Given the enormous power invested in the Office of the President of the United States, arbitrary exercise of authority presents itself as a significant threat to international peace and security, and increases the likelihood that disputes will escalate to armed confrontations. The United States has in its history many times failed to prioritize peacemaking, but never before has a new President so carelessly undermined the Government’s very potential to be a force for peace, nor so recklessly dismissed the value of the endeavor.

We call on all people in the United States and around the world who believe in peace to join us in speaking out against intolerant and bellicose actions and statements by the new administration. We applaud all those, including public servants in all levels of government, who are challenging decisions and instructions that they sincerely hold to be contrary to the U.S. Constitution or fundamental principles of human rights and international law.

World Peace Foundation Staff and Board of Trustees

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